SSA Dr. Spencer Reid (bau_woobie) wrote,
SSA Dr. Spencer Reid

Quantico, VA; 04.07.09

Reid surveyed his bags with a critical eye, mentally reviewing the contents of each. The clothes, the toiletries, the little personal extras that Morgan had suggested... It really was a good idea to bring those, he had to admit. There was a certain comfort to be gained just from knowing that they were coming along.

There were the games he was bringing along - and he hoped there would be others there, or maybe that the class would have funding to get them - and a handful of other things, mostly duplicates of easily lost small items, like nail-clippers.

And, yes. It looked as if he really had everything packed, everything ready to go... Except, he realised a moment later, a way to actually get from here to there.

The fourth of July was not exactly known for being a good day to travel.

...But hadn't Morgan offered to give him a ride?

Reid took exactly one more minute to consider it, before he took ot his cell phone, and hit Morgan's speed-dial.

((NFB due to distance; for one. OOC commentary welcome!))
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